flowering time (weeks)

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Jan 11, 2011
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Ok, another newbie question.
I looked but unable to find a answer threw stickies, etc.

when a breeder says to run the strain 9 or 11 weeks.
Does the time frame, 9 or 11 weeks start from the day you flip the girls to 12/12?
Or does the 9-11 weeks start after they start showing Flowers?


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The time period starts from the day of the flip.
But remember, the time given by breeders is a guide, it is unlikely your grow will match what the breeder states since your growing conditions will be different to theirs.
Hope this helps.
:) :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :) I start checking my tricombs with a scope every few days when they get 6 weeks in and then continue to monitor their speed of development more frequently as they get to 8-9 weeks as they can change pretty quick sometimes.:)
Thanks Woody, Hush!
Was just wondering as i have had my 2 newest girls in 12/12 for 2 weeks now. and just wondered if i counted the first week basically.
Thanks again for the advice guys

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I count from the flip as well but also make a note of when they started actually flowering on a calendar. Breeders flowering times are estimates. You need to check the trichomes to actually know when she is ready. Jmo
If they are not sexually mature when you do the flip, IMO, you cannot start "counting" until the plant shows sex.
Thanks Hammy, and THG. (they started show preflowers after about 2-3 days once flipped to 12/12)
I am running some TCVG A6 testers that are doing quite well.
running them in the same room as i did MY AK47's..
and the 2 girls are already taking up pretty much the whole room. a tad under 4 X 4 with a 9 foot ceiling.
1 is about 40 inch's tall, and the other is about 35 inchs tall, and bushy as heck!
i still have 2 other testers to put into flower, but want to give them the best i can offer them. But am going to wait to flip the 2 currently waiting in Veg, after i take the first 2... was thinking 9 weeks on the first 2, and letting the last 2 run 11 weeks.
then i have a couple Home Wreckers just put in the veg room yesterday.
will be trying my hand at clones on the A6's in veg currently.
oh by the way, My Hanna pen is a POS. was off .35 on the high side. Bought a new meter a couple months ago, but the probe was defective, and it took 6 weeks to get a new one.....
BTW i had PPM off the chart with my new meter that only tests PPM up to 1999....
did the res. change in the rdwc yesterday.
was ph 5.4 and like i said PPM off the chart.
after the change
PH 5.5
PPM 1450 ish.
running Lucas form. slightly modified to my PPM liking.
Basically 1 part Micro to 2 Parts Bloom.
then i have been using 1 tea spoon of Kool Bloom per gallon.

Should i be runing the Kool Bloom all the way threw the flowering time?

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