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Mar 21, 2006
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High all, i'm new. I've got this question, I got some white widows under 400w HPS 4th week of flowering, this is my first go at it, they've got about 5 1/2 feet now, and I was wondering when can u see the first buds, after about how many weeks? the bud spots came up, I think, a lot of white hairs started to show so i guess that's a bud spot. I'm askin' because i read somewhere that after the fourth week buds start to show.

tommy74. you say you are 4 weeks into flower. i'm almost 5 weeks into flower. check out my pics in my grow journal. are they like that or something like that? do you have any pics?
Sorry, i'm kinda lost in here yet, where's your grow journal? :eek: I'll try to get some photos in tonight.
no problem dude. go to the grow journal section. click on that and you will see a list of journals. mine says speaker box / closet grow ak-48/papaya/northern berry.
Hmmmm, dude you got some talent, mine don't look anything like yours do after 17days. don't know what I'm doing wrong, is it possible that during the lights off period when she gets leaks of light it slows her down? I'll post my girls later.
tommy74 light leaks are bad. they can cause your plants to turn hermie something you dont want. is there anyway you can fix that? also when did you first see the hairs on your plants?
the hairs started to show in the first week, I'll have to do something about the leaks. i don't think they'll go hermie, maybe the leaks just slow them down, let's hope :)
hi tommy.."Light leaks" will most certainly cause hermies, in fact, it is the most predominate method of testing for hermies. (light stress) Get that baby sealed up.
I don't think what you observed and idetified as "hairs" in the first week of vegetative growth, is actually female pistils. "Most" cannabis requires 4-6 weeks of veg' before they mature to the point of showing their sexual orientation.
Hi Hick

A small misunderstanding, I meant in the first week of flowering, but looking at The Brothers Grunt pics the light leeks most definatley slowed the whole process down. Ok thanks for the info, really, I've looking for help with the leaks everywhere, good to be here. I'll post a few pics of the ladies later on, maybe you'll be able to give me some more info. Thanks again!
oooooooops!! "1st week of flowering" ..my bad, sorry.
Definately get those leaks sealed off. The damage may well, already be done. Inconsistant darkness/light leaks are poison during flower.

there's actually two in this pic


Hi all

my setup is a bit screwed up, so i got these pics uploaded in imageshack, could use a few hints and info if they really have gone bad or not, made a mistake earlier, this is the third week of flowering not fourth as menbtioned before, my memory's shot, wonder why hehe. these were idiot proof seeds, feminized white widow, i thought since this is my first i'd rather make sure. i got some more seeds of Passion #1 - which what they claim has californian parents, but that's for outside as soon as the white shit melts. I sealed off the room as best as i could, i'm in an apartment building so I don't have much room to work with, so i'm trying to concentrate on the outdoors for now. well anyways take a look and i'll appreciate all comments, thanks.
whats up tommy74. those ladies are looking great. still young but they will put on the weight. in a few weeks they will turn into monsters. great job dude. be sure to seal those leaks and keep us update with some pics.
great news, had me goin there earlier i was really worried, wow, i think i'll load up the water pipe today to calm down a bit and watch chicken little :) they're almost six feet now counting the pot, there's a lot of spots so i'm hoping for some nice buds. thanks, i'll keep you all up to date.
maybe we can throw this into the Journal, I read somewhere's here that you've done this? I'l post some earlier pics, i started my seeds off in rock wool cubes, worked out very nice, then right into the soil. maybe I'll be able to give some input from my experiences up to now. thanks.

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