fox farm ocean forest soil and light warrior

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Mar 3, 2011
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hey all,
im about to grow some autoflower plants and picked up 4 bags of fox farm ocean forest soil and 1 bag of light warrior soil. I heard it was good to mix these soils because it wont burn seedlings. My question is how much Light warrior should i mix with my ocean forest mix(in gallons if possible). I was going to try to mix that 1 bag of light warrior between the 4 bags of ocean forest, would i have enough light warrior? Anyone have any similiar experiences with the matter? If so, +REPS.
I like to use light warrior for babys. seedlings.. Ocean forest is for plants over say 4 or 5 inchs tall..Several sets of leaves, FFOF is a hot soil that isnt meant for young plants.. it will burn younger plants so be carefull.. Hero

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