Genetics/cross breading.

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Apr 6, 2011
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I would like to get some feed back on how to cross two strains that i have.I would like to cross the "Big Wreck"("Train Wreck" crossed with "Big Bud") with the "Juicy fruit"(genetics unknown).I have clones of the "Big Wreck" and seeds of the "Juicy Fruit".I know i have to grow a male "Juicy Fruit",collect pollen,put the pollen on a designated branch of pistels on the "Big Wreck",grow those seeds................................then I get lost.feed back of any kind will be appreciated.thank you.drd8nk!!!
That's pretty much it, after the seeds grow out you plant them and harvest the rewards. I suppose you could back cross with the original to bring out the trait you most desire from it. You just keep going back to the trait you are after if it doesn't show up in the resulting cross.
At least that is what I get from the limited read I've done on the subject. I'm sure if I'm wrong someone will chime in.

be sure to allow 4 plus weeks after pollenating for seeds to mature...longer the better...then Dry the Bud...Bone dry...Hang and brown bag as you would Buds...then after the buds are crispy dry I find the seeds just fall outta the buds...sounds like a nice cross..take care and be safe
It all depends on how far you want to take the cross. Male selection is important, however I have found your best selections come from the offspring for parents. You will want to keep a mother of both the true parent mother, and one selected out of the offspring. You will also be selecting your male from the offspring as your parental stock if you want to take the strain further to stabilize it. F1's are seldom stable, and F2's is where the reccessive traits show.

Depending on where your JF seeds are from, their are at least 4 different lineages of parents for Juicy fruit all depending on where you acquired the seeds; a more common is the Early Durban X Fruity Thai, there is also a Durban/Afghani X Golden Triangle Thai land race, an Early Haze/Durban X Fruity Sativa(most likely of Thai decent), and there is one which resembles Sweet Tooth which has some Hawaiian Sativa in it's lineage. My personal belief is it is a special phenotype found in the old SSSC Durban Thai Highflier, then a Afghani male was crossed into this mother. Both of the BC versions I have seen resemble the Durban Thai highflier in characteristics.
Pollenated plants require a bit more N than un-pollenated. Other than that, just grow it out.

Most importantly is what 4U2 said about giving them the 4 plus weeks if you want viable beans.

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