gettin in a 4year college

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Feb 23, 2006
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haha this is a random post but .. is it possible for me to get in a four year college if i got expelled 2 times and my grades arent that great.. right now its C C C B B C .. im at a community day school also they dont really teach.. but when i was at a regular highschool my gpa was a 2.8 or 3.0 i forgot im only a freshman too.. my mom says if i get in a 4year college she`ll get me a car any car i want so .. is there anyway to get in a 4year college without having that good of grades?

ive been doing community service and i know how to play an instrument.. but i dont even know what i wanna be yet.. anyone wanna give me a hand on this?
Your best bet is like technical college or something. They check your GPA, but they are good with govt. loans and stuff. its only 5 hrs. a day and you can pick a morning schedule, afternoon, or evening. still leave room for a job.

Beleive me, 4 yr. college is great and all, but techincal college can get you into a decent payin job fast. Most employers require a 2 year degree with some experience. Most tech schools will get you into a part-time gig. that will help when you graduate. ;)
If you have a problem with random schedules and are better with set times. that is the way to go. Regular 4 yr. universities are random hours and tons of partying. most drop out within there first or second year. Total waste of money. Tech. school show up and do your homework.
Go to a community college for 2 years and transfer your AAS to the 4 year.

I think a technical college may be a good idea as Mutt said there. I have a BA in what I do. I could train someone to do it with no degree.

A four year college is a tough nut to crack. Work and school and partying makes you really tired.
You also might check into a trade school, call your local union halls ( electrical, steel workers, plumber etc.) Many of these unions offer apprentiship programs so you'll make an ok wage while you're still training. Most will U/A (bring a clean one in your pocket) but they don't really care about grades. My boyfriend is a 18 year+ journeyman electrician and lets just say, the reason I get to stay home, grow pot and drive a new car is because he makes a very respectible wage.
i know its possible to get into a four year university after being expelled. They also do not look at your freshmen grades with a whole lot of wieght. If you go through the rest of your high school career and try hard, you can easily still do it. I advise taking alot of Honors and A.P. classes if you can. They bring your gpa up one point and are basically the same material only with better teachers and a little faster paced, but its nothing any idiot can't do if they are willing to dedicate the right amount of time. just try to be serious about school while still having fun. my first few years of highschool it seemed that grades/fun was a trade off which i found out later was not true at all. I got a 4.0 first semester of senior year, did basically no homework, and was drunk and/or high basically every night. Highschool is nothing more than a semi-corupt system that can be beat easily without you needing to put alot of effort forth, you just have to figure out how to beat it. AP and Honors classes were key for me, may be different for you but i can gaurantee its possible to get out of highschool without trying terribly hard. Make sure you don't skip out on your education though. I used to always come home and read about shit to get my real education online. I only read what i cared to know. I also tried hard in some classes like gov and film where i actually cared about the subject material. they tried to not let me into AP classes cause i got B's in regular classes but i got a letter of insistance written and then i turned out to be one of the best students in gov while still being high in that class and hung over. I say you can do it, just gotta be willing to try.
alrightt ima try hard sophmore year and then i`ll c what i can do

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