golden seal root?


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Oct 28, 2006
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ok i cant do the synthetic cause they are going to do a pat down and a physical. it has been almost three weeks since i smoked last. i have been taking niacin regularly and golden seal root extract. i have always heard since highschool about the golden seal working. i took almost a whole bottle in less then a week. does anyone know for sure? the problem is the facility that administers the drug test are incredibly strict. i talked to someone with the same profession and they said if the color of the lines dont match exactly then the test is positive. i have been buying the home test kits from walmart, and they almost explode with positive results. i have been doing a ton of cardio as well, i eat healthy too. im pretty skinny for my size. about 170 lbs, maybe 7-9% body fat. i need something for sure. pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase help me.

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