Goldie May Be Gone For A Minute or So

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Mar 27, 2005
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Am moving the pc tomorrow - hope I can reconnect ok & all is well. :( :rolleyes:
Yeah:::scratching head:::I just hope everything goes smooth :rolleyes: I hate moving this machine :( its a lot easier to disconnect than reconnect - :mad: - and then I hope the phone co. gets the line on...oh well, y`all will see me when I get here ;)
I'm a computer geek, a little bit, haha, I would like to help you out but.... You're soooo far away. what can we do? Pra

Good luck Miss Goldie
:p Ha ha ha - I will try not to let that happen... :p
Ha ha ha - not mean, but definitely aggravating - lol - when I wanna be :p

I guess that comes from being female... ;)

Nah, I just have a wicked sense of humor. :D
I can barly keep up since I only get on once mabey twice a week such a bummer :(
The phone co. - I was ready to hunt them down, direct them to my house, & hold them to my pole at gunpoint - such imbecils! 9 days to do what should have taken 20 minutes! Bah! :mad:

Anyway, I`m finally back! Whew! Gotta catch up! :rolleyes:
Hi Goldie, great to see you're back! 9 days!! Looked like a year, haha

And uhh, you're still way ahead with your posts, so actually you could stay away for a year and still have most posts on your name. :p
But I will try hard not to let that happen... ;)

I am so glad to have company here - such nice posters! And the pics! :eek:

Its getting better all the time, MarP... :D

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