Goldie`s Ghetto Grow - AK47 & LR

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Mar 27, 2005
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Okay, guys - I made the plunge! While I was offline, I planted some seeds - my very first grow! and I have sprouts! 4 AK47 & Lowryders! :D

I put them in a food storage container (it was either that or an egg carton - lol) about 3" deep, 6" wide & 8" long. That should hold them the next 2 weeks, then I will transplant them into 2-gallon buckets.

They are on the porch right now, basking in the sun - they popped 2 days ago, and are about 1/4" tall. Tiny little babies! :cool:
Sweet girl,

You must live in the middle of nowhere as well.

I knew a guy when I lived in Texas who lived in a neighborhood; he grew 3 or so plants in his backyard. I would not grow it in my backyard unless I lived on some acres but in a subdivision of sorts... no way!
Thanks. I live out in the country - and I call it East Armpit, or God`s Armpit, depending on the mood I am in - lol

I will pull them indoors when I transplant them, and finish the grow inside.
LOL - I`m gone! They are weird-looking, greenish-purple...
great goldie, finally up and running :D, great to hear that, and it are killerstrains you have planted. That AK47 can get pretty big outside, but the lowryder won't grow heigher than 4 foot normally. I'm still waiting for the last seeds to germinate, most of them are already germinated and will be planted on friday right into mother nature :D

Thanks, BW. Yeah, its about time, I say! Out of the 4, hopefully I`ll have 2 male & 2 female. I`d like to seed one and keep the other for med use. :)
normally when it's regular seed, most seeds will be males. But you might get lucky and have 2 females. If you want to have seeds, you will need to take a femal and a male aside, put them in a closed area and let the female get pollinated. Don't do this in open air, the dust of the males can fly away to 3km around your house, which means, every female plant in that 3km will get pollinated, and that's not the purpose.

BW, I have seeds from 3 sets of crosses - LRXBB, LRXAK47, &LRXSS. I wanted to make seeds from all of them, if I could, so I would have plenty.

I planted all the AK47/LR seeds I had, which is why I wanted more seeds.

In a few weeks, I will plant another set, then in a few more, the third set.
awesome goldie... you know....if you cross one of those back to another one of those you'll get a higher percentage of autoflowering..
By crossing, do you mean letting the males in the same strain pollinate the females?
Okay - thats what I intend to do. :)
hey guys i was wondering if u knew another place to buy the lowrider seeds other then jointdoctor or they the only ones who have them? im interested in the strand and they seem to be out of seeds for it.
No, that is the only place I know of who has any. Mine are crosses, and I will not have seeds from them for 2 months or so...

But speaking of mine, wow! They have grown at least another full inch! I have kept them on the porch, and one nearly blew all the way out of the container - they are still very delicate, at this point. I still have 4 - I hope its 2 sets of twins - lol! ;)
im jealous! but found a forum were the guy from jointdocta says hes getting more in a week though :cool: have eigther of you heard anything about the papaya strand?
Papaya = mango = pretty good stuff.
nice goldie, may those suckers grow large!!!!!!!! I think we might just have to see about getting you a cam....I think I'm getting one soon(YAY!)... I really look forward to seeing how these go, I've been really interested in lowryders lately so I might have to give'm a shot! I haven't smoked any papaya yet but it grows ok...not as good as my other plants but...hey it's nirvana and the seeds were really cheap! If you're looking at nirvana strains my top suggestions are:

1. AK48- I had to kill mine because it got too stinky!!! Good stinky but too much for my grow area.
2. White Rhino(aka Goldie's Desire)- Grows very well, no probs at all. It's still alive and doing well even after my recent topping it is way ahead of the rest.
3. Bubblicious- had to kill as well because it grew tall too fast for my cabinet, but it grows very well!

thats just my 3 cents...,sorry for jackin you're thread goldie!!! But we'll be able to get you're opinions on all of these soon too...
Oh, auto, a cam would be great - these babies are out in the sun during the day, and under cfl`s at night, and they are shooting up like nobody`s business! :)

They are a good 3" tall and starting their second set of leaves. I bought 2 gallon buckets for them today - I think they will do fine in those, as they are lr x`s.

I will transplant them as soon as the rain ends (Friday) - yes, more rain here! :(

White Rhino aka Goldie's Desire = you got that right! :)

I don`t think I could bear to kill any of mine - could you not do LST?
heya Goldie...

Sounds like you'll be in lowryder bliss in no time!!! It was hard to kill the was even harder deciding which ones had to die and which would live... I could have done lst but I'm already pressed for space horizontally, especially now with the clones, as my cab is only 1.5'long x 2.5'wide x 5'tall. More will be dying but hopefully not until I get preflowers so I can judge which to cull. I only have room for 3 max in flowering mode and thats pushing it. I don't know if my 70 watter can even handle that load.
I've got some shop lights for side lighting so hopefully that'll help. Anywho... I'll see what I can do about a cam...

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