Grape God

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Jul 27, 2011
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Grape God​

Reviewer:Ken Spliffy Jr.​

Genetics: A cross between GodBud and Grapefruit. 70% Indica 30% Sativa.

"Experience: Instantly I felt like this is what I should have been medicating with this all day. Anxiety; Gone. Stress; Evaporated. I’ve been a chronic sufferer of lower back pain because of too much activity in my early years, but that too vanished. As the green turned to ash I knew that we had ourselves a winner. Its been about an hour and a half since I inhaled the 1 gram spliff and I still feel like a champion. The taste didn’t overwhelm, sorta like exhaust X GrapeJuice… regardless I don’t medicate for the taste of it personally it didn’t matter much. I felt an immediate rush into the cerebral and I knew the the Sativa portions had taken effect, about nine minutes later I was floating in an Indica bliss. I can still feel my toes tingle; Of course Mad Descents most recent podcast helps that as well. Either way, as I write this I feel like Im in the passenger seat of ’62 Impala with the JLw7′s in the trunk. The strain is HIGHLY recommended for all occasions. Another great Washington produced medical cannabis product. Kudos and keep the good work coming."​


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