Great smokng song

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Jan 18, 2011
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I was just introduced to a great new song to sit back, relax, and smoke to


I have lots of other songs I like to listen to while smoking, depending on what mood Im in.

Wanna post your some of your favorites, and get a good smoking playlist started MP :D

Oh and in case your wondering he is playing a chapman stick. its a weird style guitar with a bass chord in the middle of it
hey you still have a live link even though its hxxp. thats odd :D

The Doors are great mate :aok: good choice.

Ill try and post another band every time someone posts to keep the ideas coming.


Atmosphere-wild wild horses, sunshine, watch Less One LIVE in minneapolis

Mystic Roots - Pass the Marijuana

Felt- Vol1 and 2

DJ BABU - Duck season 1,2, and 3 (REALLY 1 and a lot of 2)

Tomorrows Bad Seeds and Iration have been on my iphone lately
ahh man.. i love rap so much when im high.. i know U guys dont wanna hear that tho lol
Thanks OGK ill give em a listen to
LOL Rap is good to listen to while smoking, if in the right mood

Bone Thugs would be my favorite rap to listen to

heres another song since two people posted. :D
hxxp:// - Sublime, doin time
Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" . . . This is one of those "thinking" songs!

Snickerdoodle! ...Easy Star All Stars - DUB side of the moon ;). ANY PINK FAN WITH SOME REGGAE IN THEIR HEART WILL LOVE IT!
Comfortably numb is another great Pink Floyd song. Thanks SD

hxxp:// - Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze
hXXp:// YESSSSERRRRRRRRRRR catch a ho, then another ho merry christmas

inhaleeeeeeee exhaleeeeeee i just got a ounce in tha maillllllll
HAHAHA cypress hill :woohoo:

hxxp:// - Incubus, pardon me

hxxp:// - Beatles, revolution

my lips getn black and my fingertips burnt my eyessss barely open...
*cough*cough* and im choken
but bzzzzz im still smokennnn
hxxp:// - collie buddz, herb tree

i cant find working youtube links on iphone
All this makes me want to make a custom CD. LOL anyone got a good way/link to download songs??? I do not want any viruses also... Thank you...:ignore:
i download some of my rap from here hxxp://

if not i use
everything is in ".torrent" format so you will need to download
its all free and everything ive got so far was virus free..

when you download somehting with a virus on it its ok.. a virus can sit in a file on your computer and not do any damage ever.. its when you RUN that file that the virus is set free.. example: song.mp3 is infected with virus.. you open song.mp3 with itunes. Virus in song.mp3 runs in itunes program..

soo.. once you have run a virus its almost impossable to get rid of it. you can half way fix it but basicly the only way to get your computer virus free is to keep it that way from the start..

get a virus scan program.. buy it or dl it or whatever.. i get mine from for free... now every time you download anything. before you run it. scan it for a virus. if it has one just delete it and your good..

sorry i went off on a rant but lol.. just tryna pass on some good info.. peace

to name a few.

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