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May 5, 2005
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Hello. I have been smoking for 32 years now, and I pray that the marijuana prohibition ends soon.
Yeah old tokers are the best well aleast when they want to share there experinces remides me of my dad :)
woah 32 years. i too pray for the end of marijuana prohibition ends, but actually i dont pray more like wish i dunno
Welcome, ogrockman. Nice to meet you. :)
Pleased to meet you, as well. Thomas Jefferson was right-on when he wrote that, btw. I am going to put his words at the very top of my 'favorite quotes' list. People who are incarcerated for violating the prohibition against marijuana are political prisoners; not criminals.
Feel free to use them wherever you wish - they caught my eye for a moment and I just HAD to have them as my tag line...;)
I'm trying to piture a 50 yearold man naming himself O.G. Rock Man....

Anyway.... How's it goin man. Good to have ya with us. :)
I'm only 48, and I play hard rock on the electric guitar, so rockman is a very appropriate nick. I am not sure about the og part. I just threw it on there in case the name 'rockman' was already taken. Nevertheless, I AM a rock man, and I am proud of it. If I can't be who I am, what is the point in 'being', period?
Hello e everyone long time no see I've been chilling but I'm back to it my Uncle Drew a little plant outside I've talked to a little bit but anyway I got the fever back and I'm going for the bud of the month for 2024
I also have a ?


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The gold stuff on the leeef doesn't look right didn't do a journal but I will definitely start one next time I have a 2 and 1/2 by 5 and a 3x3 full kit just came once I can get both tents jumping like I did last time I grew that monster of plant

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