Grub problem??

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A few of my gals in the upstairs bud room are showing signs of something chomping on their leaves...pencil eraser sized holes or even whole leaf fronds missing from the cluster. A few days ago, my son found a grub that looked much like a tomato grub but not green and not as fat (brownish green, actually and about an inch to inch and half in length, about a pencil in diameter), it was laying on the soil and washed about when he was watering. We threw the little beast out, but I found another in a different plant last night (really wish I had bought that camera I was looking at)....any idea what these could be and what I should be doing??
I figured it would be a tough call without pics, so here's a few....mind the camera is new and I'm trying to get used to it!

Grub 2.jpg

I found 4 of these on my gals today, one was on a branch the others were on the soil...2 different plants!
That doesn't look like a typical MJ pest. I was thinking leaf miners, but that looks like either butterfly or moth catapillers that are either indigionous to yer area or they may have been in the soil as eggs. I would check a bit outside to see if that is where thay came from. I don't know about that critter but NEEM oil is supposed to be real good for deterring the munching bugs, and it is organic.
THANKS Hushpuppy, I thought maybe this was a moth caterpillar, but it isn't "hairy" like most I've seen around here. Will be watching the rest of the gals to see if any show this problem or if it's just in the downstairs budroom...which would mean a local issue came inside imho.
Just a leaf munchin caterpillar. Grubs typically live in complete darkness such as buried in compost (natural or man made) or in a rotting tree.
I'd pick n pull as I see them plus repellent. They can tear some leaves up...strip it down bare in no time.
Roddy, just today at the grow store i found this stuff called Safer Caterpillar Killer. i was told that the caterpillar eats it and it kills them. then i asked about the buds and was told there is a power also. that way we dont have to worry abour it soaking the buds. good luck

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