Happy St. Patty's Day

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Wishing All Members of Marijuana Passion,
A Happy & Safe St. Patrick's Day.

May Your Drinks Be Strong, and you smoke plentiful!

Yours Truly,

Happy St. Patricks Day. Everyone!!!!

happy st. patty's day.

been drinkin' since i woke up. :D
I love St. Patties day! I think im driving today though. I hope I don't hit any checkpoints stoned. Anyone ever go through those things high? I hate checkpoints.
hell ya i have also been drinnkiing siince thissss morrrrningg,
P.S. I wrote everyone a poem for Saint Patties day. Check it out:

Four leaf clovers, Beer dyed green.
The end of winter, beggining of spring.
It's the day of the Irish, the day of the saints.
The day of rooms spinning, and vision so faint.
Now you cant deny it, St. Patties day is here.
So put down that book and pick up a beer!

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