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Mar 8, 2005
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Will the heat from a 400 watt mh or hps be an issue in a 12'x12' room? no cabinet just open in the room. I'll put a few fans in there just to keep thing moving.

thats fine, i was using a 400w HPS in a closet space which was only about 2'x3' and it was getting real hot in there but a 12x12 room will be fine without a doubt...just leave the door open now and then to allow fresh air in and the bad air out
A small fan blowing gently on the plants should be fine. Some of them are quite stinky, though, so odor control may be necessary, in an enclosed room or not. A small carbon scrubber/bud dryer is very cheap to make, and very effective, and does double - duty! :) When I make mine, I am going to set screens in instead of the cannister, but you can make it as you wish. This is the basic idea link. Here`s the link:


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