Heavenly Hash Grow 24/0 Week 2

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Sep 19, 2005
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Heres some more pics, the two big ones germinated two weeks ago and the two babies (one above soil one below) germinated a couple days ago. I know that last pic if a bit blurry it was taken to show the main stem thickness.
Again any feedback is much appreciated thanks guy!

PS The little clock you see in the picture of the whole setup is used as a thermometer. When the door closed the temp stays around 86 F, Ive heard thats a bit high but Ive also heard thats ok..should I add another fan to cool it down a bit or is it ok?





They look very nice Insane. Thats good growth rate for 2weeks. If you can drop the temp by adding a fan then do so. I try to keep my temp at 75f when in vegg.
Thanks bizzy I just added another fan about 10 minutes ago and now the temp seems to be holding steady at 79 F. Im happy with that, so I'll keep an eye on it just to make sure it stays at 79 F.
Thanks again bizzy!
Temp is holding steady in the mid-high 70's the extra fan seems to be doing the job nicely
yup. Look happy 'n healthy to me, too. nice tight nodes, fat l'il indy leaves are green n lush, but I'm sure they'll be happier in that 70's range.
Ok guys thanks for all the help, this grow wouldnt be a success (so far) without help from you guys.

Anyway I'll keep updating pics a couple times a week so stay tuned! lol

PS Temperature in my 'green house' stealthily reached the low 80s last night while I was asleep (cant always be watching them sadly lol) so I've still got some tweaking to do to keep the temp in the mid-high 70s.
Ok the temperate had been holding int he mid-high 70s since my post yesterday so I think Ive got it 'tweaked' to be about as steady as it will be.

PS The stems are growing in thickness by about 1/8" per day, and 2 of the plants are showing what I think are female hairs at the start of the nodes.. to get the thicker main stalk Ive just been bending the plants gently no more than 30 or 40 degrees at a time because Ive heard it helps the plant develop a much stronger thicker stalk and it seems to be working very nicely.

As for the female hairs...
(2 green sharpely shaped hairs pointed up and inwards like an up side down V) I'll take some pics soon and post them for you guys, but in my last grows these hairs have denoted female plants so I'm very hopeful for this grow as so far 2/4 plants are ID'd as female, the other 2 are not mature enough to tell the sex.

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