Hello all.

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Apr 23, 2005
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Hello all. I have been on the trail of the Refugee. Also a Kiwi. Nice site you have hear. Very simular to another one I have been known to frequent.
Good to see ya Star. :D Any more behind you I wonder?
HI Star!!! Good to see ya here too! Lookin like a party here! :D
Thanks guys.I am a little weary after our extensive travels. I know of no one that followed me. I cover my tracks well. I see our compadres have all changed their usernames as well. May our people be free from persecution....
lol i must have missed the name change memo oh well i will figure you all out agian im sure.
Hello Hick, Star, Nobogart, Refugee and Taniwha. Weclome to the forums. Good to have you here. :) Tell us a little about yoruselves if you like. What forum are you guys coming from ? What are you growing ?

Hick, sup man. Good to hear from someone in the mountians. I grew up around redlodge mountian in Montana myself. I miss it alot. Makes me home sick to think about it. But I guess it's not much diffrent there then the bigger citys anymore, or so I hear. My sister still lives out there and she says they have a wall-mart and a circut city now. LoL. The pot was always better back home. Wish I could find the same stuff out here. :( Anyway. good ta have ya man. :)
How do ya do Diseased. I'm Refugee and I come from the mountains myself...just not the ones in Montana. My mountains are closer to the pacific ocean. ;) Anyway....would LOVE to tell ya abut where we come from, but that would kinda defeat the purpose of 'laying low'. Just trying to get away from certain assholes that seem to enjoy making our lives hell. Nothing more nothing less. This new bunch, and there may be more yet to come in this exodus, has quite a bit a growing knowledge and should be a positive asset to the community as a whole. That I can assure you. :D

Bogart....reason I myself changed my name is I was kinda in the main spotlight.....a bit more so than yourself me thinks. All one has to do is search a given screename and find the new hangout. You for one have not created much of a stir so doubt you will alert any unwanted characters to our whereabouts. :D
Ahh. I see. Souds great man. I dont visit any other forums. But I did have a stay somewhere else while this site got it's overhaul. I think they called them, trolls there ? Anyway, I dont realy post enough to get the lingo. I just like to talk shop with people who know what they are talking about. I dont like to give any adivse if I havent done it myself and understand it. So I dont get to answer many questions. So I never realy got to understand the slang. Yaknow ? It's like going into a chat room for the first time and seeing Hi LoL bbl omg *** ? And it's like... What the hell ? Maybe I'm just to old. I dont know.

Heh, sorry, I'm rambling. Anyway. Nice to meet ya Refugee. :) More the better. :)
hey diseasd strain..thanks for the warm welcome. I've been to Redlodge...I about froze some appendages off in that country!..'Tis cold up there. Redlodge and Cutbank froze my arse outta' the Montana oilfields..hee hee I'd love to see it in the summer ;)
I think you're right, the only thing that stays the same, is that everything changes......Wal-marts and Quicky -marts where ever ya' go. Gotta give the public what the public wants, I guesse.

guesse I have about all the "refugees" figured out but Star....gimme a day err two ;)....nice to see you nobo..
Yah Hick...I could not figure out who Star was will Refugee gave me a lil clue! ;)

Just nice to see you all here and also to make frds with new ones! :D
The big hint would be the location Hi-C. Second hint if you went back to our original homebase, and looked at my signature under my avi. It said The Star. Which in all actuality is the name of a boat. Owned by an old man that has taught me alot. Once his days run out I will rename my boat The Star,as well. When you see the stormtrooper avi that will give it away also.:wink:
well that was easy 'nuff "commander"..;)
ahhh!!!! i see i have them all figured out now ;) welcome aboard commander!
Well, I've been to your old forum guys, and let me tell you this..................WELCOME!!

You guys will get none of that bull over here! We're all one big happy family! No drama here. Just good conversation. Nice to see some new members that already know each other.
You might not know, but their is a group of us that just migrated over from yet another forum. We had the same problems, drama, drama, drama. And alot of 'shady' people. Since we've been here (about 2 months now I think), we've had no problems!

Welcome to the family!!!
Thanks NTC....Had my fill of drama thanks. Just need some peace and quiet for once. BTW...how's security on this site anyway? I see hat guests can pretty much view the site at their leizure.....that's not such a good thing I would think. You know how pot growers are....paranoid. ;)
Hi guys, what were the problems you guys facing on the other boards?

Refugee, yes, guests can view posts and threads on this board, they can post in a few forums too, but isn't that with most forums?

If you want I can setup a "members only" forum for invitates only. But not sure if that's needed.

Security? what kind of security are you guys talking about? I'm from Holland and we are able to speak freely about marijuana and how to grow it. The servers are also in Holand, so i think no problems here.
That is cool that you live in Holland. One of these days I plan on making it over to your neck of the woods. I like your country's attitude. :)
I meant no offence to you or your site if that was what you may have thought. Sorry if what I wrote implied that. Just curious really since I reside in the US and laws here are much less forgiving in the area of cultivation. Just seems that a guest is not registered and can easily view my posts which makes me very leary I suppose. Could be anyone viewing what I put in these boards, but that's where I will have to cover my own butt. Just asking so I know where I stand is all. As for problems in other boards...I'll leave that there and not bog this site down with needless bull. ;) Just trolls reside everywhere if ya get my drift.

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