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Aug 3, 2006
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Newbie here..I hope to find help as i do my first indoor growing..When is the time to begin fertalizer? what kind do i need to get? :)
Welcome to MP Whitman. You should have no problem finding help over here with your grow. There are alot of smart people here with some killer indoor grows. Hope to see ya around the forum. I myself use Fox Farm products.
Thank u so mcuh,,I will check out fox farms..when do i begin to fertalize? how old or how tall do plants need to be?
Welcome Whitman.

Most dont start nutes till the plant has been in veg(Growing Stage) for at least 2 - 3 weeks. One thing to do no matter what ferts you choose is not to use a full dose the first time use 1/4 strength to 1/2 strength at most. Some plants love nutes while others are sensitive its all in the genetics.
Welcome to thhe neighborhood, see you around the forum
Hello and welcome....;)

I have signed just a few days before you and I allready expanded my knowledge about 10x. People here are very nice and helpfull, you will like it. :D

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