Help needed with 1st grow

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Apr 15, 2005
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Hey everyone me and my mate are finally going to do a indoor grow

I managed to get a nice large speaker todo the grow in, i took all the insides out of the speaker today.

Gonnna be using 3x23w cfl lights

Heres the dimensions of the speaker

Height: 68cm
width: 30cm
depth: 28cm

We have a few questions to ask:

what are the fire risks?

What sort of ventaltion would we need?

your growing in your parents house arnt you

the plants are totally going to overgrow that box in 3 weeks
best advice keep the floros close as you can

what do you plan on doing when the overgrow the box????
The pot you will have to put them in probably wont fit in there by itself. Only way I see you doing it is with clones, just rooted clones, in a small sea of green type grow. Soon as a clone roots, put it in, they will finish about a foot or so tall + the pot you use. So 1.5 feet or so total if you use some 2l bottles witht he tops cut off. And only if you are starting with a verry small clone. Growing from seed though, I dont see it happening and wouldnt ever try. But more power to you. If you find a way to do it let us know. I dont think you could force a plant, as small as you need it to be, from seed, and get anything worth the effort.

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