Plant goes Bad - Need Your Help


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Apr 5, 2020
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Hi guys. I need help, I'm desperate. Every time I try to grow the plants go bad near the end of the flowering stage. Let me explain in full.

I grow autoflowering plants indoors and use 400W light. At first it grows fine, without any visible problems, leaves look good and green, then the flowering stage comes and at first it's all looking good and fine, the smell is also amazingly great. However, after two or three weeks when the buds start to develop more and more, the plant start to smell up, real bad. Not a nice smell, makes you want to puke if you smell it to close, sort of ammonia or some rotten grass or something. At the same time the buds look okay, the plant doesn't go yellow or anything.

First two times that happened I was growing them in a small room with an electric fan blowing over them and the temp around 77. So I thought that was the problem, not enough cool air around the plants. But this last time I grew it in a huge room with an air conditioner ON the whole time and tried to keep the temp around 32 in the final stage constantly, which wasn't hard due to a working A/C blowing nicely over the plant. I also had a soil moisture sensor installed so to make sure I don't water it too much nor would it get too dried out.

Any way. Today I walked in the room and I really didn't like the smell, so I was worried. I chopped one of the buds to check and, well. It happened again. It smells horrible. Not sure if the plant went bad overnight or it's been going on for a while. Last thing that I changed is brought the light down a bit, to make sure it covers the below buds too. That actually made the temp around the plant go a bit higher, probably to 71 from like 67. Maybe it was too close to the plant, I don't know. It made it evaporate a lot of water, so I guess the plant had to drink more to stay hydrated. Another thing I noticed when I chopped the plant, it was a bit to dry. Don't know if that could be an issue.

Any how. I don't know what to do, other than give up on ever growing a normal healthy plant. Maybe anybody can help out and point out what can the problem be. Maybe not enough oxygen? The room wasn't really ventilated, just ACed, although the air movement was plenty. But I'm not an expert, maybe not enough ventilation leads to some sort of bacteria developing inside the plant or in the air, I don't know. I need your guys advice. I still have another 3 seeds but I don't see the point in planting them anymore if all the time and effort just goes to waste.


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Mar 5, 2012
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What are you growing them in? Smell your soil, thats usually the cause of ammonia smells, i guess you could be getting budrot as well. You need to exhaust your room to make sure the air is fresh. 32 degrees is waaayyy too cold to grow in. 77 is perfect temps with lights on.


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Sep 12, 2014
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What lesso so said!
Use good soil, don't over water, use good nutes, make SURE you have plenty of ventilation with Fresh air.

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From your description, I am guessing that your soil is going anaerobic because of lack of oxygen and smelling bad. I can think of no other real reason for the smell you describe.

So, first, tell us about your soil mixture.


May 6, 2014
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Without a decent picture of your plant its hard to tell if you have a problem or its just genetics. I am growing a strain right now that smells like cat urine at a month into flower. Smells nasty and I mean nasty. However, from prior experience I know that in 2 wks it is going to smell awesome.


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Apr 2, 2008
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i know this thread is a few wks old with no response from the op, but i'm guessing bud rot. need to know what your rh is? bud rot does smell like ammonia along as other rotting things, ime