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Herbie's Headshop, a fairly new sponsor to the community, recently reached out to us and it is with great enthusiasm we are launching the Herbie's Headshop Seeds Giveaway!

From Herbie's Headshop: " Please enter our giveaway to get some of our strains for absolutely free! Pick 1 strain and receive 3 packs of that strain (single strain, three packs for each winner) by Herbies Seeds you'd wish to win and get a chance to become one of 3 lucky winners.". Please look bellow for the seeds being offered for this giveaway. Enter this giveaway by posting which seeds you would like if you win.

Mimosa Shot

30% THC wonder strain, Mimosa Shot by Herbies Seeds. With every puff an appetizing citrus shot, she takes you on a thrilling ride through levels of happiness you thought you’d never reach. A grower’s delight, her intensity is balanced out by a glorious purple display and ridiculously large yields of up to 800g/m² (2.6oz/ft²).

Grandmommy Purple

One of Herbies Seeds’ most potent new strains, Grandmommy Purple flaunts a sky-scraping 33% THC content! Her indica dominance will put you straight to sleep in one hit like an old-fashioned bedtime story and a comfy quilted blanket of purple smoke – just like Grandma used to make.

Runtz Punch

Runtz Punch is made for philosophical ponderings, blissful euphoria, and getting a bedtime body buzz. And that’s not all – it’s also great for breaking tolerance in seasoned stoners. Its secret? This strain packs a real punch at 29% – yes, 29% – THC.

Godzilla Glue #4

Oozing with gallons of gooey resin, Godzilla Glue #4 dominates with up to 29% THC content. Let this monster of a strain trample down your pain and worries. With its powerful medicinal potency and enticing citrus/chocolate flavor, Godzilla Glue #4 will leave you feeling like the king of the world!

Godzilla Cookies Auto

Bold, and heavy-hitting. And with massive buds containing 27% THC, this strain really is the King of the Monsters. A perfect commercial strain offering a balanced blend of indica and sativa, Godzilla Cookies Auto always leaves stoners asking for more.

DDos #3

DDoS #33 is a U.S. genetic masterpiece featuring an unbelievable cluster of terpenes merged to create something truly magnificent. Its memorable lineage creates incredible flavors and spectacular sensory effects.

Bruce Banner #3

Appropriately named after The incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner #3 from Herbies Seeds is rated one of the most potent strains on the planet! With a THC level reaching 29%, one toke of this sticky green bud will have you beating your chest and yelling “Woohoo!” with delight.

Gelato Auto

Possibly one of the strongest autoflowers on the market, 26% THC Gelato Auto instantly elevates the mood and boosts the creative process. Thanks to the unmatched potency of this strain, just a couple of creamy tokes is enough to get you to the level of 100% happiness.

Blueberry Hill

Getting your Zen on has never been easier! In her 95% indica glory, Blueberry Hill by Herbies Seeds will leave you sitting in the lotus position humming “Om.” Thanks to her potency level of 26% THC, this strain can flatten every worry wrinkle on your forehead.

Purple Juice Auto

Purple Juice Auto’s bright color isn’t just for novelty value – this is the most complex purple cannabis strain out there! Expect an uplifting daytime high and plenty of turning heads with this autoflower that’s bred to perfection.

Strawberry Amnesia

A true Sativa Queen, Strawberry Amnesia by Herbies Seeds is a breathtaking display of what a great Sativa can offer. Tall and fruitful with an appetizing array of dense, berry-scented buds, her 22% THC content hits hard and fast, with a hazy psychoactive euphoria that will leave you wondering why you walked into a room and a goofy smile across your face.

Rules and Entry for the MarijuanaPassion Giveaway
  • To enter, reply to this thread one time with the strain of your choice (No discussion in thread.).
On March 21, 2022 we will close this giveaway, and draw three (3) winners. Winners will be announced on this thread. Winners must claim their prizes through private message to Admin within 24 hours after the posted conclusion of the drawing. A new winner will be redrawn the following business day, and so on and so forth until all winners have claimed.

Thanks to Herbie's Headshop for this excellent giveaway! These are great prize for a great sponsor so make sure you let them know how much you've enjoyed this giveaway!

From everyone at Herbie's Headshop and MarijuanaPassion we wish you luck in this giveaway!

Terms and Conditions

From HerbiesHeadshop:
Please make sure that your country is available for shipping before entering the giveaway: Shipping information - Herbies

All strains of Herbies Seeds (except Mix Packs) are available for participants' choice:

Please allow up to six weeks for shipping of your prize after the prize winners are announced. If at all possible, prizes will be sent out sooner than that. But in some cases there may be short term availability issues that take some time to work through. No purchase necessary. To enter by mail send full name, address, phone number to MP, PO Box 1103 Madison, AL 35758. Entries must be received by March 19th, 2022. Limit One (1) entry per household. MarijuanaPassion.com is not responsible for prizes. Void where prohibited. Must be legal age, and legal location to enter.

Gelato Auto
I wonder if they have Runtz Mango?
DDos#3 Sounds interesting pluss the D D is my initals in the real world and I was the3rd child. So the os#3 was Oh Sheet a third kid...lol
I would like Grandmommy Purple if I win. Thanks for putting on this giveaway!
I would like to try the Runtsz. I cannot access the Herbie website. The pop-up to verify your age keeps popping up and doesn't go away.
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