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"click" it, it's a link to some pretty important information, unless you live in Belgium or Amsterdam..hee hee
Yes, it's pretty bizarre everything you read there!
so do people like us who ask questions in this room or tell on ourselves have a chance of being caught .?
The site is hosted on a Dutch server and we are free to talk about information related to marijuana and growing marijuana.

So, you can't be any safer then that I think.

Look at Overgrow, they have much more members and are hosted in Canada, they should be worried, Emery was also from Canada. I have noticed more seedbanks from Canada have been shut down.

We have to wait and see how far this will go.
I agree marp, we're pretty low profile here, in comparison to OG, CW, CC ect. And un;ess you post significant information about a large 'op, or have recently purchased from him, I doubt you have much to be concerned about.
"IMHO" emery has done us all a service, by taking the heat with his hi-profile style. His desire to be a leading activist and his multi-million dollar seed business have drawn the ire of the "U.S. Government".
Wouldn't surprise me in the least to see evidence coming out, connecting emery with the production of or ability to produce ...seeds of mass destruction. :eek: :eek: :p
ty for you reply mar. i forget questions i ask until it arrives in my email. ty
It's a pretty old link miss. The basic jist, was that the dea had set up and was intercepting all mail communications to marc emery's mailbox. He had been under investigation for several months, according to reports.
They were reportedly replying to potential customers with a letter, asking them to further incriminate themselves.
Emery gets busted ..under dea investigation ...yet he still advertises to sell to usa....whatta guy....why dont we just send our confessions straight to the dea and avoid the middle man

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