hey everyone I'm new. Anyone from Trinidad? or the caribbean?

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Trini gyal

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Mar 8, 2006
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Hi everyone.... I'm new. My name is stephanie and i'm a pothead.
High Stephanie, I am from the states. I am a pothead too. Welcome to the group. We have a 3 step program here.

1. learn to grow weed
2. learn how to harvest weed
3. smoke the weed
Walla, great pothead. (Just kiddin around). Look forward to seeing you around the forum. :D
Welcome... Welcome...
You've come to the right place.. sit down and smoke with me for a while....
WELCOME to the family of potheads.
glad to hear yur a pothead, welcome to the family
Another pothead joins the group. Excellent!!!
Welcome to our forum.

Happy Trails to you.
wow! what a welcome guys. thanks a lot. i'm proud to be a pothead! i"m from trinidad and like 3/4 of this island smokes weed so its fun. where in the states are you from mutt?

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