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i love mj!
Apr 6, 2011
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hi guys, im going to ask lots of questions, so like growing, be patient!! lol
welcome to the forum, you will not need any other resources for growing info :)

oh comon ;)

we all use le google lol

jokin, but for real im googling how often i google when i google

OGKushman said:
oh comon ;)

we all use le google lol

actually no, I'm not jerking your chain either I'm serious. I have only read one other growing forum one time. I did a search for a strain called DeathStar on yahoo and found results on another forum. But other than that one time I only use this site, ebay for purchases, and seedbanks for seed and strain information. The first time I decided to research growing I found this place and have never looked for any other sites :) I'm a simple guy, if I find a nice comfortable home where I am happy I don't bother looking for a bigger cheaper place.


:welcome: I think you'll enjoy this site, I know I do!!! Here, take a :48: and maybe start reading the stickies! Many great people in here loving to help, but even more info in the stickies which will get you started smoothly!

hope to see ya around..

take care and be safe

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