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Bill C

Jul 17, 2011
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Hello everyone at Marijuana Passion! I'm new to this forum, as I just found it today while researching a few things. I've been a toker for over 35 years (I started back when good weed was $35 an ounce), and this is my 5th year growing. I'm on my 3rd year indoors as I had two outdoor grows before moving inside.

I live in a non-MMJ state (Indiana), but the legislature has at least formed a committee to study it that will hold it's first meeting later this month. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to visit, and hopefully, contribute a little as well! See y'all in the forums!!
wellcome bill,,,,hope to see you about the fourm!!
:ciao::welcome: To the Only Place :ciao::bolt::bong:

another Awesome member has joined...

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:

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