Hi there, a grower-to-be here! some help on choosing the best method


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Jun 11, 2021
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Hi there! I'm from California and i've never been much of a grower... only had a couple of accidental MJ plants and one hydroponic science project that did went well... Oh and also helped my grandma with her garden sometimes. However, i've will be now watching a house with a nice attic, where i was thinking to start growing for real.

I'm here all-ears waiting for your advice on this new adventure, and also, very grateful for this commuunity to exist, because i'm lost and searching it all from scratch is simply overwhelming...

Back to the point, I have a nearby water supply so, some have told me to try hydroponics with MJ too. But i don't know if it would be better to go for soil and slowly build a grow room.. What do you think? Which is your favorite and why? I'm sorry if this is not the place for this topic (i'll read the rules ASAP i promise) but i'll be asking around so, if that's the case, i'll see you guys around... Thanks!


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Dec 16, 2011
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I use fox farm the ocean one. It has all the nutrients you need for a plants life cycle. With fox farms all you need to do is water your plant. I would go with led lights because they are energy efficient I would also get a nice size grow tent then just go from there you will also need a non expensive timer I run my plants for 18 hours so I don’t have to manually turn them on myself hopefully this information helps you GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR GROW


Jul 23, 2020
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Here, duh uh..
Your taking on quite the challenge here.. where you live and your attack temps is biggest question.. like I could
never do it due to heat issues.. but if I was going to I"d be using LED lighting.. Spider Farmer kills it.
Height would be next so very strain wise when ya choose.. no tall or stretchy strains..

Careful with the Foxfarm Ocean Forrest using it straight, especially on baby plants, established plants can handle it but early on it tends to burn and stunt strains by stressing them a bit. Mix it 50/50 with Coco or Coco based like
Foxfarm's Strawberry Fields... then never above 1/4str on whatever nute line you choose if any... cal mag during
flower.. tsp/gal . Epsom salt if they lose their green a bit, gives them iron, back off calmag that feeding...

These plants will do fine on their own in good soil... the best I've ever used is Roots Organics basic...(not 707)..


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