House is getting fumigated....bad?

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Mar 3, 2011
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hey all im currently just switched over to flowering in my grow. In a few days my house is getting fumigated and my neighboring rooms to my grow area will be sprayed for ants. Their is a slight possibility that this chemical might leak into my grow rom my question is can this chemical they are spraying poisonous to my plants? I have to leave my house for this because they said its deadly to humans if inhaled. Has anyone had similar stuff happen to them or have any input?
That doesnt sound good to me.. Are they tenting off the entire house or perimater spraying? If it was me I might ask how long they are going to take and then think about shutting down all the ventaalation in and out of your tent. closet or grow area and try and seal the area for how ever long they will be there.. This doesn"t sound good. Hero
Doesnt sound good at all Shimmz, I think I would be looking for a temporary home for my plants.
I have no idea what chemicals will be used or how etc but something that is harmful to humans may not harm your plants but if any of it gets onto your plants and is ingested into their system could show up in buds, which you then smoke and die from! Cause of death, couldnae beassed shiftinisplants,,, its an old scottish term taken from the latin lazyus bastardius....
I'm only joking, but it makes ya think dont it!
What state are you in? I would definitely ask what they are using.. And how it will affect house plants. Generally speaking, you shouldn't have much to worry about. The biggest concern here will be the carrier. Most fumagants that I know will have an oil carrier. That means that it will stick to plants pretty good, and if it is a "hot" chemical it could cause some burn, though not likely. Just ask if removing house plants is neccessary, and you can call them in advance on that one. As far as the chemical in your plants is concerned, there should be no need for worry, even under full exposure. Fumagants will generally be a pyrethroid and are specifically designed to become inert once dry while maintaining low toxicity during it's effect time. No residual. Do feel free to ask them that as well. If they tell you they are using something like Cardinal123, then you are good to go.. No worries.
Virtually all airborne pesticides/insecticides require that you vacate the home. How long do you have to stay gone? I would NOT move my plants. Seal off your space if it is not already tight and do not run any exhaust. You should be just fine.

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