How long do male plants release pollen after they flower?

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Apr 13, 2020
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I live out in the sticks, hardly have neighbors, and haven't come across anybody growing outdoor pot anywhere near me, so I thought I'd try growing outdoors with some fem seeds only. Plants came up and looked beautiful, and were all definitely females as advertised (purchased from weedseedexpress). After about five weeks they started to flower and form trichomes, everything was great. Then last week, every flower on all my plants got fertilized... I have an ocean of seeds coming. I have more plants started indoors, but keep thinking as soon as I put them out, whatever nearby male plants that are flowering will just pollinate these plants as well.

First question: any way to prevent this from happening? I live on 7 acres and there's pretty much clear pasture around me, and the crazy guy across the street who clear cut his twenty acres (a swampy wooded mess) with an abandoned house, so I'm thinking any male plants in my neighborhood gotta be a half mile away. After wandering around the neighborhood, I can't find any other plants other than mine.

Second question: OK so even if there are nearby male plants that I can't locate, once the male plants flower how long do they continue to flower and to release pollen? Is it like some plants where once the flowering is done and the pollen released the plants are done, or do they continue to flower and release more pollen as long as they stand?

I don't want to go back to indoor growing; the results were nowhere near as good as the outside grow (except for the pollination thing) and the plants just never looked all that healthy. Buds were smoke-able and fine, but small and few. Outside plants were big and bushy and dark green, and the wonderful smell... Really want to continue outside cultivation. I'm going to have a lot of seeds to experiment with, so any ideas on ways to isolate the female plants outside? I read a thread by one member who claimed he only separated his outdoor male and female plants by 10 feet so he could put a female or two with the male planting and get all the seeds he needs, and the female plants at the other end of the row would always produced great buds!
So basically screwed for outside growth, sounds like?
I grow for a living if a hemp farm opens up in the valley I am fucked.
The cost for the filtration to keep it out is prohibitive at careful what you vote for.
That has to suck Big. Glad the guy shut down.
I would think they are just planting or drowning females for CBD. Do they get CBD from both sexes. I coul see if they were just making rope. I think males start to pollinate a couple weeks ahead of the females. I've had males 75% finishes when the females started budding. I chopped them. And they make big buds with only a few seeds. Not bad. Some of the seeds were that first female site you see to early sex it. I can't think where there coming from but if the male plant is 200 Yards from my plants only make a few seeds. Like 10 seeds a plant. Not enough to ruin my crop.

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