Ogers Kush

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Jul 20, 2020
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Lots of history on this strandivar

mine came from Brother Wesos who sent me seeds of ECSD x OGERS Kush

i grew out a dozen of these and found one that expressed the Ogers side above the ECSD

i also had four males that i collected pollen from and pollenated the females and this one that was different , the one that had Ogers traits

the smoke off that one plant has become one of my favorite smokes

my Ogers jar was getting low so i need to restock them , thus this small grow thread

soon as the seeds germinate , they will go into grow plugs and under a dome and when they get healthy , they will go outdoors
Ogre Kush is an indica-dominant strain with a 70/30 ratio and a cross between Master Kush and Bubba Kush. The average THC level observed in Ogre Kush is 13% and CBD level of 0.36%. This strain creates body buzz, feelings of euphoria and drowsiness. Yet, it is a substantial form of calming agent. In terms of flavor, it is a mixture of citrus, earthy and lemon hints. Likewise, it has a mixed and arousing aroma of the same three components. If you are experiencing any one or more of the symptoms such as anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, migraines, pain, seizures, sleeplessness or stress, then this is the perfect strain for you. Ogre Kush must be used during later parts of the day or once you do not have any more tasks. This is because its sleep-inducing and appetite-boosting properties may act as hurdles when you are working. Some of the most prevalent side effects of using this strain are no different from others. You may experience dryness of mouth and eyes, dizziness, paranoia and headaches. Generally, this strain has nine weeks of flowering time and produces high yield at the end of the day.

Ogre Kush Lineage / Genealogy​

The main terpenes found in OG Kush are the following:

The terpenes that can be found in the highest concentrations in OG Kush are Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool and Pinene. Let’s have a look at the properties that each of these terpenes offer:

  • Caryophyllene: has anti-inflamatory properties as it interferes with prostaglandins activating. It also has the capacity to imitate cannabinoids, as it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, specifically with CB2 receptors. It also has analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-coagulant anti-anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties.
  • Limonene: this terpene has stimulating properties and can be helpful for uplifting moods. It’s also anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, and some studies indicate that it could be used to reduce anxiety.
  • Myrcene: this terpene is known for its relaxing and sedative properties, a compound that can help to fight insomnia and stress. It also acts as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory, and can help cannabinoids be absorbed better.
  • Linalool: just like myrcene, linalool also has calming, relaxing properties. Different studies suggest that it could be an efficient anxiolytic and it’s also shown anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It’s also a good anti-bacterial product.
  • Pinene: Pinene is an efficient pain reliever, bronchi-dilator, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
quick update

because i was sick , these tails are longer than i like but they will work

ProMix soil , nothing else right now , 16 oz beer cup half full , drain holes on bottom sides , RO water , under a dome misted with same water and over by the window for Mother Natures sunshine



when the tails are short , like just popped , they would normally go into these grow plugs and then into beer cups once they showed cotyledons



also , i could not help myself , my name is big and i am addicted to
growing weed..

so i was busting up some buds of Triangle Kush and guess what?

some seed were found

gawd , the smoke on this strandivar makes my socks go up and down…smooth , citrus mix and earthy in the deep forest dank fragrance with chocolate overtones

now i need to look up those terps and their health benefits

so yeah , i took 6 seeds and directly sewed them in the soil , between the garlic , by my reading glasses

as soon as they pop , they will be transplanted to their homes

i may leave one or two in the garlic bed which shoul be done by 4th of July


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