Current Favorite Strandiver

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I typically like Indicas. Short, squat with big fat stems and stalks. Seems like many of the new ones are fruity tuttie.bI much prefer the hashy, spicy sandalwood old school types. Leaves a really good stink.

Sour Diesel has always been my favorite, SFV og is my 2nd.
I have never tried the SFV, but I have grown a lot of Sour D. The wife and I are neither one real big fans of it.
We like the taste, but the high doesn’t last very long. It was a big hit with the majority of people I gave samples to, though.
LSD, is definitely our current favorite at the moment. I wish it was more of a daytime smoke. I am in serious couch lock mode at this exact moment.
The smell and taste is great, slightly floral, citrus, fuel. The high is all over, and long lasting. Starts out in the face, and forearms, then spreads to the rest of the body. Leaving you good for little more than laying on the couch, watching crime documentaries, while eating a big plate of ribs.
Which reminds me, I am getting hungry again.
Nothing. That's why I was asking for advice. I've got a feeling that there's a plant out there that's perfect for hash making. Got a feeling that it's and Indica. Maybe not.
I still prefer “strain” because it’s only one syllable, instead of three, but anywho.

My wife, Ole’ Brown Thumb, is quite a bit more particular about her smoke than me, so I always have to keep her current favorite in the stable until I grow something she likes better.

The summer of 21 was the first time I grew a strain that I knew what the name was. Strawberry Cough, and Gorilla Glue.
They were grown outdoors. Anything I ever grew before that was bag seed.
I decided to try my hand at indoor growing the winter of 21/22, and started researching techniques and methods, which is when I found this forum and actually started researching different strains and which ones would be a good fit for us.

The wife preferred Strawberry Cough to the Gorilla Glue.
Then I grew Blueberry Kush and LSD for my first indoor grow. They were clones gifted to me by a friend.
Brown Thumb liked the LSD, but she still wasn’t totally happy with it.
That’s when I actually ordered seeds and tried to pick some strains I thought we would both prefer.
My friend had gifted me a Sour Diesel clone about that time as well, which I took clones from, and am still running some now.
We both like the Sour D, and it’s our go to backup at the moment for when we are out of our preferred strains.
I bought some Jack Herer seeds, and that became our go to for a while.
Then I grew a Lemon Auto that we both preferred over the Jack Herer.

Ole’ Brown Thumb had also picked another strain she wanted to try.
Purple Ghost Candy.
So far, this strain is holding the top spot, and I don’t see it going anywhere for a while.
It is a cross of Ghost OGxCandyland.
60/40 Sativa dominant.
The smell while growing is VERY fruity.
The smell after jarred and cured, is VERY fruity.
The taste is exceptionally fruity as well, and the smoke is super smooth.
It also has potency to spare.
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She also had a fairly colorful finish with an exceptionally good yield.

I also have some Big Bud jarred up at the moment. It’s my favorite night time smoke right now.

I was just curious what go to strains everyone else had revolved through their stable.
I ve always wanted to grow Strawberry cough ,I ve seen incredible grows from fellow growers . I did also grow LSD and tht shit was as advertised ,strong and DANK..LOL My favorite strain was the Purple Widow from De Sjamaan and I bred it with a Blueberry Headband which was also a great strain but both together had everyone banging down my door for it. I truly was new to the world of growing and took it for granted . I ended up losing my storage unit with all my beans and grow equipment and never had a chance to find that strain again. Now it s all but certain that it s gone for good . I do have a Blueberry Muffins mom thats my new fav and one I plan on breeding with a bunch of stronger Blueberry mixes , I m expecting big things from these lil Ladys and I keep a bunch of clones going for future projects .. I ve been searching for the 1990 s Dj Short BB version ,IMO The best weed I ve ever smoked but I ve all but given up on that strain too.. Anyway nice pics and hope your doing great brother

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