how to harvest in 60 days outdoors?

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Apr 28, 2011
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I sent away for fem. Kush/skunk seeds that you harvest in 60 days. Do I have to wait till July to plant outdoors? I live in midwest
only in order to "harvest in 60 days"..:p actually, the "60 days" is only a rough reference to flowering time under 12/12 lighting. Outdoors, usually matures in late September to mid October, (strain dependant), regardless of "when" you put them outdoors.
Unless you have an auto flowering strain, plants need to go through a vegetative period before they will flower. The 60 days is the flowering period. In acuality, outdoor plants generally take 4-5 months.
Im pretty sure they are autoflower.Does that mean I have to wait till July?
autoflower means you plant them when you want and they will veg then automatically flower, regardless of photoperiod. ;)
Great, That means I can plant now and also in July for 2 separate harvests. Kudos to whoever invented a way to fool the plant.
Kudos to God? lol

This is not fooling anything. You should research Cannabis Ruderalis.

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Thx, I will. I admit ignnorance/laziness to the subject. Just seemed easier to ask here. I assumed it was a botanist in some lab.
I think that you should make sure that it is an auto. Where did you get the seed?
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jethro said:

Well, make sure that you ordered an auto--Kush/Skunk is not necessarily an auto.
Darn, They just informed me that I did not order an autoflower strain.
Thats what I get for ordering when stoned.
If you don't mind setting an alarm clock, ruining your entire social life for three months. You can leave em out 12 and put them in a closet 12. LOL I did it once. 90 day grow LOL PITA too :doh:
I have no life LOL
Nah, I'll just have to try my patience & wait till Fall for a nice crop.

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