hydroponic growing

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Nov 21, 2005
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is this an easier way of growing? with more yield? im still in the planning stages of my growroom
Hydro is easier than soil with a larger, quicker yield.
Most growers experienced with both don't recommend hydro for a rookie.
Cause it's trickier, needs more fine-tuning, which comes with experience.
hydro is more expensive (you need more equipment).
And most folks prefer the taste of soil-grown pot, although when done correctly, most people cannot tell the difference.

I recommend starting with a simple soil grow for the first couple of crops. until you get used to the ins n outs of indoor gardening. Then you can upgrade and all you're out is the planters.
One of the beauties of hydro is that, once you've got it down pat, you can actually do stuff like take off for a week, because hydro generally is automated. Soil growing means you gotta be there every few days, to water.

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