I hope Florida fights this garbage...

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I take it you don't like your governor? Yeah, those two dudes were really bagging on him. Are you a state employee? He even wants to drug test welfare recipients, and make them pay for it!
this is so depressing. i'm glad i didn't vote for him. he is so crooked he would make the tasmanian devil dizzy.
but......the republicans wanted him, now they got him. i hope they are happy.
This is bullshit!!! I don't even live in Florida and I'm infuriated! What is next; taking cancer patients' chemotherapy away? He makes too much money off drug addicts to "crack down" on people this way...
I was born and raised in Fl.

Moved to the mountains in 2007 and I miss Fl not at all.

I do miss the bodega's and neat little grocery stores and my orchids. But, not enough to ever think of moving back.


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