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Mar 4, 2005
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I just recently got interested in growing my own. I dont know what to grow but i have been looking at some Northern Berry, Skunk, and Skunk berry. Can anyone give me some tips on getting started and which strains work best for beginners?

PS. i also need to know how much room i need to grow(vertical and horizontal)

thank you
man dont buy any seeds till you no what you got to no just start with some good bag seed thats the best advice i used to be the same way start reading up on the shit and learn first
all yea a closet will do just fine for a grow space just make sure its got air flow and when its dark make sure its dark all the way through the cycle or you'll get males
you wont have seeds if theres no males sensamillia ever heard the term
you have a 50/50 chance of males and females females bud and males have seeds and polinate the females and give them seeds so there for if you remove the males there will be no seeds coming the term sinsemillia
the only way you dont get males is if you clone cloning is having a mother plant the one that looks and is doing the best you clone off of that make sure its a female though you dont want to clone a male :) the good thing about cloning is you no what weed you will have every time and it will always be female=BUD
Cincy Boy is right.

A closet is all you need for a basic, small grow.

And you're right too, if you buy good bud off anyone, it shouldn't have seeds. That's what makes it good bud. If a female is polenated, it will waste its valuable resources (nutes, light, water) toward seed production instead of THC.

Your best bet is to read up on it. Without sounding like a snow, the more you know, the better the question you can ask, and the better answer you will get. "Some" growers will not waste their time answering questions from people who have obviously not done their homework.

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