I need your help soon.

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Jan 29, 2008
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In 3 1/2 hours it will be time for my plants to go into their night cycle (12/12). I must hide them. I plan on putting them into trash bags and then into another closet. The landlord is coming by to do some things. Is it safe to put them into trash bags (In order that they remain in the dark) for 12 hours? Will they be able to breath? It seems it would be best to put the bag upside-down over the plant, from top to bottom, leaving the bag open so they can breath. The plants will be in a dark closet. The closet isn't light-proof, however.

What do you think? Will it work?

I forgot to mention that the plants are about two feet tall and three weeks into flowering.
"I" ... would put sacks over them upside down, leave the bottom open for "some" air. Or over the landlords head, and cinch it down tight...:p
Depending on your state, bagging the landlord might get you a shorter jail sentence.
Put a couple of long stakes--longer than your plants are tall--to keep the weight off them and to keep them from sweating against the plastic bag. I put my plants outside when pollenating them and always bag and fumigate before reintroducing them to the flower room. Haven't hurt one yet.
It went fine. I basically did as Hick said to do; I placed the bags over them upside down with an opening for air. It went well. Hopefully, no light leaked in.

Yeah, I wanted to bag up the landlord. In the space of one week I've had to dismantle and reassemble my grow area three times. That includes putting velcro up on the wall and removing it, too. The velcro holds the plastic to the wall' the plastic that prevents light leaks.

The landlord said he was finished with the plumbing. I hope he's right. He had to fix the plumbing in the whole building, and he and his cohorts were in and many times in those three days.

I forgot to mention that the first two times I left the plants in the closet; I didn't bother to move them. The third time, however, I moved them, because on the second day I heard him discussing the possibility of going through my closet in order to access the plumbing. Did it make me nervous? Yes! I thought that he was going to do it then and there. Well, he changed his mind about that option, but I was taking no chances.
I am glad it went well my friend....I can only imagine how freaked you were when you first thought they might need to access that closet....:holysheep:
Yeah, I was freaked, for sure. I was cool a cucumber before I heard mention of the closet. I then started to feel panicky.

It was a drag. I've never been in the military, but I could imagine doing some drill over and over again: Okay! Put it together. You got it put together yet? Good! Now, take down. I got proficient at it.
"Whats that dirt doin in my hole boy"
Cool hand luke, brilliant!
would'nt a tent solve your landlord issues al? i mean a grow tent, and not you moving into one down on the river. lol. :p

everytime i hear about a landlord stopping by someones place here, i cringe at the thought. owning does have its challenges too. but prying landlords is not one of them.

i am the plumber, the master carpenter, the roofer, the lawn care man, the electrician, and whatever else my wife can think of for me to fix.:rolleyes: . her version of role playing.:doh:
I have a studio apartment; there's no room for a tent.

Actually, he's not a bad landlord; he only comes by when necessary, which isn't often. Though, I also, cringe at the thought of him coming. I mean I hide the stuff right under his nose, and that sometimes makes me nervous. He's come by perhaps, 8-10 times, 10 max in five years, and not once has he looked in the closet. I think that's pretty good. He didn't even look in there when walking through with the termite inspector.

Yes, when he walks through it's a reminder that I don't own the place, he does.

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