i rolled a quarter pound joint, dont believe me check it out for ur self ;)

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hey whats up everyone, just wanted to post some pics of this quarter pound joint that me and some friends decided to roll one night...cant send all the pics cause there to big, if u would like to see more just email me


well we used these papers that roll out to any length then just stuck them on top of each other, there was about 4-5 meters of paper altogether
oh man thats bad ass. How long and many people did it take to smoke it all? I feel like such a lame ass where smoking like 30 bowls in a day is heavy duty.
when i was a child i did childish things ,now im a man a put away childish things.hope you had fun man i mean that dude (just jealous man) pease .love .rastarifi
thanks guys, o yea alot of people told us it was a waste of weed, but it was for sure an experience that we'll never forget, we just wanted to do something outragous and me and my friends all love to toke reef so what better way to do so then a quarter pounder lol

keep on tokin in the free world
Hey Alec. Nice work man. It might have been a waste of weed.... But how many people can say they smoked a qtr. pound joint and can prove it. I say two thumbs up. That had to be fun. Thanks for sharing.
How was the quality of that weed. Looks like kinda cheap Mex, but an EXCELLENT APPLICATION, nonetheless!

Very entertaining! Thanks for posting, man. I send a big purple bolt of positive energy in your direction, but you don't need it since you're probably still toking on that thing.
The next time I hear someone ask for a 1/4 pounder in Mcdonalds,I'll piss myself laughing!



i have to try that!!...
If I did it, I'd have to go buy me some cheep brick shwag. If I used the stuff I grow that joint would cost me about 1,500 bucks. :(
It won't cost you $1500 bro, you will lose $1500 ;)
$500 Canadian for that quarter pound, it was hydro stickyicky and got u HIGH as a kite
wow that is a huge one. not a waste imo though. nice roach for sure.

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