I want to know EVERYTHING

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Mar 4, 2005
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i want all the info i can get about growing, everything you can possibly think of.
go to google and type growing marijuana there will be millions of sites read some and if you dont understand somthing ask here theres just so meny things to no and i dont think people want to tell you everything it would take days just learn the basics
wasn't there a Newbie guide on the old board?

MarPassion, It would be very beneficial to have this added to this board (if its not already).

BeaARTHUR, yes you are right, there was a simple growing guide available on the old forum. However I didn't think it helped out avoiding the same questions asked all the time but I will put it up here again.

Thanks for the tip.
Yea I Too Am A Beginning Grower But All That I Have Read Is A Big Help But It Is Good To Hear What A Seasoned Veteran Has Learned.
So Any Specifics That You Guys Could Give Me Would Be Great
I posted it on the board, you can find it on the top of the forum! Hope that answers some questions.

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