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Feb 2, 2006
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Hello...I dont smoke but I just started dealing in a small town...I know alot of people who smoke and thats basicly how I got hooked up...any tips for me?

hahaha man this isnt a traficing site man a lot of people make that mistake, i even did way back when, when i joined. This is a site ment for people to be self sufficent, Dont deal brother just grow your own, why get heated out for dealing with a dealer. every time u do a transaction your risking some serious punishment man. Take it from me its far better to grow your own and smoke your own, but seeing as you dont smoke weed
i have nothin else to say to you man.
Kayoss said:
Hello...I dont smoke...any tips for me?
Yes, start smoking it instead of selling it. You'll have way more fun and one hell of a lot less stress.

However, if you decide to keep selling the weed man, then stop telling people that you do.

That's a one way ticket to Bubba, your new room mate. He's big, he's bad, he's got a perpetual woody and he really does love you.

Don't go there man. Just grow your own and smoke it.

Hahahhahahaha, oh ****.....I think I farts have lumps?
Bubonic Chronic said:
BC, man, please, don't run on so much. Try to keep it short man.


Succinct, brief, full of meaning. Damn man, I like the way you talk.
haha well, if they wanna sell so bad...they should make other retarded choices themselves.
I geuss him and the dude that wanted clones the other day should hook up. You know Bubba's uncle the cop.? He always makes sure that Bubba doesn't get lonely. hahahaha
Here's some advice from some one who used to sell pot and grows and give away his surplus to friends or med pat. SELLING POT ISN'T WORTH IT. You end either getting too greedy and slipping up or just plain aren't careful enough and you WILL GET ARRESTED at some point as a I know very few dealers, (my self included) who haven't been caught. a I'm assuming you are pretty young as that is when I made the mistake so I'll just go ahead and give you a few tips cause you probably will sell anyway. This is how to help avoid getting caught. Don't ever sell weed you didn't grow or to people you don't know. Why? Because when you know the source you know how reliable it is. If you grew your pot, you'll never get ripped off and this yields the highgest profit margins. Only sell to those you know personally. No friend of a friend thing. Have your friends get it for their friends and make sure they don't tell them your name. Other than that, keep your weight straight and never rip anybody off. There's nothing worse than a dealer who doesn't smoke cause they have no clue how good/bad there product is. You deffinately shouldn't be selling if you are not comfortable smoking as the penalties of selling are much more severe. If I was you, I would find another way to make money cause its too unreliable man.
El Diablo, i dont agree with your ways of dealing.... And trust i never got caught... gettin caught was for people who sliped up. But up here in Canada its a lot differnt...the states i wouldnt even want to try to deal. when i was younger i would walk around my highschool selling dope to anyone... i would get sent to the office for unrelated offences and i would have up to a q/p in my back pac and i never got busted. Every dealer has thier own stratagies. Man its all about friends of a friends.... i would say tell everyone u know where the bomb dope is ... and ppl i never knew would call me up and i would go meet them but if it sounded wierd i wouldnt even show up .... ppl request to meet at a building or place that u know is known for bad things happing their or around there. and how can u grow your own if your selling a pound or two a week at least? thats soooo heat to grow that much at one time and like always have a couple pounds to harvest everyweek. all of a sudden ur the grower and the traffiker? i dunno to each his own and everyone has ways of dealing with thier own buisness.

But Diablo we agree on the fact that its far better to not deal and just grow the stuff. Like u said u give away ur surpluss to med. patients... thats awesome in my opinion ... Im growing some herbs up for my Step dad who is a Med. patient.
Nice, but you have to be much more careful who you sell too stateside. The cops aren't as forgiving, the jails aren't as nice and a lot of people who get busted have very big mouths. I've only sold here and I dont anymore tho.
Yeah man for shure, for shure. ethier way though its good to be growing
talk to you later Man

stay high and take er ezzzzzzzz
the Haze oNe

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