Im torn...

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Don’t eat that pancake.
Jul 18, 2009
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literally, i have a torn LCL. I can tell my internet buddies it was a go-ped accident (yes i ride em, no, im 27 hahaaa). But if the wife asks, i slipped.:D

Just cant get around much, gotta use my hands/arms to walk and its making typing not so fun...ill be back but itll be a few weeks at least:) before my full return i am sure.

Just wanted to inform any who wonder where i went. Im broke...


Good luck having dealt with knee problems all my life I know the pain you are going thru. I hope its just a grade 1 or 2 problem and not a grade 3 which requires surgery to fix most the time. Will keep you in thoughts and prayer for a full recovery from the injury and to hopefully keep the wool pulled over the wife's eye..:laugh:
Get better OG. That will take some PT, I guess. Hope your not in too much pain.
Knee problems are the pits. Nothing like being crippled to make you fully appreciate having a healthy body. Lets hope your wife don't find out, then you might end up with 2 bad knees :D
Sure hope ya heal up fast my friend...Please dont hurry back if it hurts..we will Be here waiting for your sure bring presents:D

take care and be safe
Dude don't Know you!,, But that sounds hella crapy Sorry to hear that! Hope you feel better soon ;)

PS NORCO helps but don't get hooked, lol
OG take care, hoping you have a speedy recovery. We'll still be here when you come back. :)
I hope your feeling better soon too. Ice, Ice, Iced.
Not fun at all.....being a UPS driver the two most common injuries for us is knee and back....I have torn up both knees at separate times. It sucked balls big time.

Stay off your feet till you are told on knees sucks as well.
Good luck bro.
I'm on 6 surgeries on my left knee, get it fixed buy a good doc, do the rehab, take care of your self!! Where do you live? Good doc nearby? Insurance? Ice is good advice too, buy or rent a Thera-cool machine.
Goota watch them go-ped's. I laid one down on dew covered grass a couple years ago. Ended up setting on the muffler with shorts on. Talk about a wicked burn all the way across my leg. Jumped up and all my skin was on the muffler cookin:shocked: Needless to say the next month was very rough. Get well soon!
You'll be missed while your gone, I'm a retired logger, saw alot of knee injurys in the rigging, take care of yourself!
Rusty Gribble said:
go-peds are like fat chicks. fun to ride till your friends see ya!

I disagree. I think you might be thinking about scooters..:) Takes some pretty big balls for grown men to jump on these things and ride em the way OG and I do:D
I got two busted ribs and many other friends ended up with nasty burns...Learned my lesson. Slowed me down a little and learned to keep the wheelies a little smaller..LOL

Get well OG..Rubber side down my friend.
makin any money yet? :hubba:

rg had me laughing hard...

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