Jamaica: The effects of ganja on sexual performance


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Oct 22, 2005
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THE USE of marijuana (cannabis sativa) as an intoxicant is very much
interwoven in the cultural fabric of Jamaican life. It is smoked
initially as a socialising activity among the youth, a ceremonial rite
and lifestyle habit among Rastafarians, a recreational activity for
those who are part of the popular culture, and an antidepressant for
those who feel that life has thrown them a curved ball.

So what is this sensation that gives you the vibes and makes you feel
high? The feeling is a peaceful and sometimes euphoric state of mind. A
feeling of 'irieness' begins approximately seven seconds after pulling
hard on a spliff and deeply inhaling the drug, and may last two to four
hours, depending on the potency and amount of marijuana you smoke. Too
much can cause hallucination in some users. And, most importantly, your
attitude, personality, expectations, fears, mood and the circumstance in
which the drug is used determine how you interpret the experience - this
could mean a positive or negative feeling.


The fear of making a mess of the sexual experience, especially for the
young male, can be overwhelming. Performance anxiety has been the
undisputed enemy of good sex. Inorgasmic sexual experiences in young
Jamaican women, rapid ejaculations and erectile dysfunctions in young
Jamaican men are common.

The insecure male visits his doctor for medicine that will hopefully
reduce his anxiety and make him complete the sex act in a satisfactory
manner. Some, who see the doctor's visit as an admission of failure,
find other means to deal with their anxiety. Marijuana smoking is
another option. There is widespread belief that marijuana is an
aphrodisiac but little scientific research exists to confirm this.

One thing we do know is that marijuana enhances sexual desire and sexual
pleasure but does not improve sexual performance. In other words, the
sex act and the orgasmic experience may be more pleasurable but it does
not cure inorgasmia, rapid ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. This
makes sense if one looks at the range of experiences that the marijuana
user may have - exaggeration of mood; greater subjective impact and
emotional significance. Time seems slowed down, stretched out, he thinks
more time has passed. Generally the user feels the experience to be
nice, pleasant, enjoyable, fun, good, irie.

In regard to the potential negative effects, there is concern that the
long-term use of marijuana may temporarily reduce sperm count in the
male but will return to normal once marijuana consumption stops. In the
West Indian Medical Journal, researchers, Simeon DT, Bain BC, Wyatt GE,
LeFranc E, Ricketts H, Chambers CC, Tucker MB, from the University of
the West Indies studied the "Characteristics of Jamaicans who smoke
marijuana before sex and their risk status for sexually transmitted
diseases (STD)". They found that more persons who smoked marijuana
before sex had a history of STD than non-marijuana smokers; the
difference was significant among men.

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