Jock horror @ 2wks

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Apr 4, 2005
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Ok, here is my JH grow, I got 9 jock horror plants that are in vegg for 2 week and 1 white widow female plant. The white widow plant I flower it with 2 other ww plants that turned out to be male, so I didn't wanna just flower one small plant since I don't have any other room so, I planted the jock horror and I started to vegg the white widow plant again that was flowering for about 1 and half week. It didn't show any signs when I was flowering it, it showed sex after 4-6 days under 24hr/light.
Wow. To me, that seems like incredible growth for two weeks. Nice work. I can't wait to start my next grow; maybe I'll go with Jock Horror. Keep us posted.
I had my hps to close to them seedings, so I messed up my crop it burned them. I had one left and it was a male. I didn't like that strain anyways :(
that sucks how close was your hps to the plants.. im planning on growing lowryders with a 400 wat hps and am wondering the right distance for it....and also why didnt you like the stain
I had my hps about 10" since it sprout and thats why it burned it. Start at about 2ft I would say. I don't like the strain because, you can't clone it and you don't get that much weed.

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