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Jan 6, 2006
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Just a couple of pics. I am not actively journaling as it is outdoor and not a big deal. mom nature does most of the work :p
So here are some close by plants. I don't post many of my outdoors adventures. security and all.
Lost 20 to drought :( (you med legal peeps forget how hard it is for us Geurilla growers :p...lugging water for a miles or so is no fun)
5 gallon pickle buckets.
soil mix:
Horse manure/pasturized to kill the hay seed.
Cow manure
Chicken Manure
Worm Castings
Espoma Bio-tone Plus and Holly-tone
Top soil
Some perlite, not as much as my indoor.
coco fiber
occasional shot of grow big/big bloom alternated. (can't mix the two together)
and top dress with same mix as needed.

CM and Phunt females. Bagseed unknown still.
Bagseed just under 4' not including the pot when i checked this morning. These pics are from last week.

SNC00410 (600x800).jpg

SNC00411 (600x800).jpg

SNC00413 (600x800).jpg

SNC00427 (800x600).jpg

SNC00416 (800x600).jpg

SNC00414 (800x600).jpg

SNC00415 (800x600).jpg
Looks very nice mutt...enjoy the great outdoors my friend

just addin water right now. tossed in mother natures version of a fractal on my banana tree plant. thought ya'll might enjoy. :)

011 (800x600).jpg

014 (600x800).jpg

015 (600x800).jpg

018 (800x600).jpg

021 (800x600).jpg

022 (800x600).jpg

023 (800x600).jpg

025 (800x600).jpg

013 (600x800).jpg
The weather is killing us this yr This heat and no rain or raining so hard it just runs off is making for a hard yr out doors.
ozzydiodude said:
The weather is killing us this yr This heat and no rain or raining so hard it just runs off is making for a hard yr out doors.

You ain't Fn lyin bro...lost 7 more...my guerilla is over. cept for 2 hangin on by a thread. 1 mile hike luggin water I couldn't keep up :( 1 mile don't seem much...but hiking stealth in 100F without rain for weeks. That horse plop ain't no joke.

what i got here is it. *what the hell. 3 yrs in a row...been dry as F. WTH is going on homie. I won't say my plant loss this year...but it is staggering. worst in my life bro. I expect 1/3 harvest 2/3 loss on every op (deer pests bud rot it's an average)....never once i got a 0% success. they ain't lyin about a drought...thank god I sprouted a couple more to get an O or two. If I'm lucky and the drought lets up might pull a lb....might as well built a comp case and grow under my bed :p
I called it quits last week on the OD First time in 8 yrs:sad:I going to try and clone a couple but other than that I'm done til the fall when temp are lower for an indoor. The springs that usually have water are not producing either the rains are just not soaking in the ground like they normally do
Ozzy...when someone is watering 5 gallon buckets 2x a day at 112F heat index and no rain..you know it's fscrewed. :(
All we can do is plant for another day. It's just one of the heartbreaks of a gorilla farmer.
some of my backyard girls
all of em female. these pics are over a week old will get some newer ones soon :)

SNC00501 (800x600).jpg

SNC00505 (600x800).jpg

SNC00507 (600x800).jpg

SNC00506 (800x600).jpg

SNC00504 (800x600).jpg
recent pics :)
as you can tell i like my 6 gallon pickle buckets that i get for free from a restaurant owner friend ;)
FYI best way to keep people from a plot...put it in a metal pile and tell everyone you seen a copper head in it :p ain't no one going near it LOL

DSCN0018 (600x800).jpg

DSCN0019 (600x800).jpg

DSCN0022 (600x800).jpg

DSCN0023 (600x800).jpg

DSCN0025 (800x600).jpg

DSCN0036 (800x600).jpg

DSCN0035 (800x600).jpg


DSCN0026 (800x600).jpg
I am sorry about your lousy weather. That sounds pretty miserable hauling that water in the heat. I couldn't do it. I hope you get some to finish for you. These look happy.
I'm hopin for about a 1/2lb for all four. if I come close then that will tied me over till my house and room are finished :)
These were close by so easier to take care of. others were more than 2 miles so they died :(
allways sux when ya have to grow far away..hard to take good care of them..the ones ya have in the yard look great...mojo for you brother

take care and be safe
Thanks Rose and NorCal.
Going to top dress with some holly tone tomorrow due to rain some sunday night and figured perfect time to let it leach. Should be almost enough to finish her out...maybe a tea or two if needed.
Phunt is finicky but always expect a tough grow with her.
rest is doing what it's supposed to be doing :)
Flower season has started for me :cool:

SNC00544 (800x600).jpg

SNC00548 (600x800).jpg

SNC00550 (800x600).jpg

SNC00533 (800x600).jpg

SNC00529 (600x800).jpg

SNC00530 (600x800).jpg
Mutt said:
Well this time nest year i expect some "durban, JFxCh,, K2, and alibi beaBSs...if not I will be red-necked hurt from hell and a red ne4ck hick would started it all...F U admin better chow me a pic or two :48:

I think I found my new signature quote....:D What ya tokin on Mutt.:)
Whatever he's tokin on I'd like some...been a loooooong week
English please Mutt! I think I understand though. I too want summer 2011' pics from the land beyond of Hick land. I luv them!

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