Just Time To Chill

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Yo Ho Ho N,

Hey Guys, I was thinking while sitting here stoned that music really is a language unto itself. I might miss my guess, but I'm willing to take a chance and see if there are any in here that dig these sorta tunes besides me. I hope you like this one. My friends and I still get together with each other and sing like crazy. Plenty of dancing too.


smoke in peace
KK :cool2:
KK got me in the mood.

:ciao: nice tunes...care if I share?

Yo Ho Ho N,

Hey, you like to get tripped, then check this vid out.

Ha-Ha a cool tool for sure, and just gotta have it for myself.


You'll love it....LOL

smoke in peace
KK :cool2:
Great tunes, KK! Hey, its good to see you again. Stay stoned man. Then, when you do get around people when you're not stoned, they all say; "Hey, whats wrong with him, he's not the same as he usually is".

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