LAT. 49 Outdoor soil at about 53 degrees!

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Puget sound soil hasn't warmed up much,cold wet spring, I put the meat thermometer in a good 4 to 5 inches 53 this afternoon , I've transplanted my outdoor stuff to bigger pots 3 weeks ago so there ok, I've got them in the Green-to, They are growing, the pot soil warmed up to about 58 to 60 and the plants are veggin. I've got more stuff to go outside, I'm gonna go 10 plants in greento and 8 indoor of both C99, and Dutch treat, 1 Mazar 1 BLZ 1 DT ! C99 MOMS, 30 plants OH YA I gotta bud who doesnt grow, just does dispensarys,gave me his 15 plants for any extras, Bless Him!!

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