Late Season Run *Bonus

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"Life is pain, Princess."
Aug 2, 2023
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The Void
I had no intention of doing this, but new information has come to light. My old lady said she was open to the idea of dry herb vaping since she dislikes smoke. So this week I'll pick us up a portable unit and we'll give it a shot.

Then she said she'd like to try vaping the CBD and asked me to grow it. Well I just happened to get a few reg freebies from NASC of Assorted Chocolates CBD from Purple Caper Seeds with a recent order and they were sitting right there on the coffee table.

I dumped all four of them in the water with another couple freebies of Runtz, 2 InHouse Genetics Cherry Smash and 2 Zombie Death Fack that were previously outlined on the NASC webpage as blimburn (I think) testers where a thought to be dead OG Kush male somehow pollinated one of their GSC cuts. That description has since been removed, they are shown simply as white label seeds now and the original description of how the seeds came to be is not easily found. Weird but I got a 10 pack so I will be running it again for a Halloween themed run later this summer lol

We'll call it day 1. 1 Runtz was a no show. 2 CBD seeds looking like they ain't gonna make it - one fartknocker decided to grow taproot up so I had to jump in there and handle it.

I said he'll flip ya. Flip ya, flip ya for real...canyahearmeindaback!

I'll give it a few more days to fix itself.
I believe I will just train them this time. It is going to be a relatively short veg so topping would just unnecessarily slow them down. Haha I want to top them though!

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