Late Season Run *Bonus

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LST been going down.
Transplanted smoothly into 3gal fabric pots. The soil is lightly amended happy frog and I gave them a light watering after. Not concerned about them being in the early weeks of flower, they'll rebound just fine.
I flipped one of my plants at 21days old. It's turned into a nice plant. Probably about the size of a regular automatic.
I've never flipped so early, but hopefully they turn into something decent and add just enough to my jars to get me by until Nov. Next run starts Aug 1.
That Afghan skunk was slow to develop. Seemed a week or more behind all the others but it has grown well and is now packing on bud...later than the others but she's getting it done.
Color and vigor are coming back.
I guess stretch is over. I plucked a few fans here and there and pulled off some suckers.
Last week's topdress. They've been filling out a little.

The Cherry Smash on the left are smelling like cherry. The ZDF in the back right smells a little like bubblegum. Front right ZDF just smells like normal weed.

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