Legalizing MJ in CO (non-MMJ)

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Apr 25, 2011
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Colorado -- Pot backers have filed eight initiatives with the state aimed at legalizing marijuana. All of the initiatives would ask voters in 2012 to legalize the use and possession — an ounce or less — of marijuana for those 21 and older, and all would allow the state to set up a regulatory structure for retail sales of pot.If approved by voters, the initiatives also would allow people to legally grow up to six marijuana plants. The initiatives all specify, however, that they would not permit the public consumption of marijuana.
Well looks like I'm voting! Keeps me from having to re-register! Sadly the odds are that it will not happen......yet. Every year we try to decriminalize MJ and always seem to be quite a few votes short :(
Well, as those old farts die off, the tides should turn in our favor :)
..."old farts"..:confused2:..
eeeeasy "sonny".. :mad: how'd you like to go runnin' home to Momma cryin' .."some old fart kicked my arse".. :rofl: :p
j/k ;)
Watch out Hicks, this young ... (what do you people call us, whippersnappers?)

This young whippersnapper would probably let you. Would be better then going home to mommy saying "I beat down some old dude today. Was great, I hit him upside the head with his own walker." :D lol

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