Let It Go: Doctor Claims Marijuana Smoking And Cigarette Smoking Are NOT The Same Thi


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Let It Go: Doctor Claims Marijuana Smoking And Cigarette Smoking Are NOT The Same Thing

June 9, 2015

Dr. Donald Tashkin is one of the most well-known marijuana researchers. He’s the professor emeritus of medicine at UCLA in California and his latest comments are putting to rest a long-held philosophy that smoking marijuana and smoking cigarettes are one and the same. According to Dr. Tashkin, who by the way has been studying the effects of cannabis on lungs for more than 30 years, average weed smoking doesn’t comes close to causing lung cancer or impairing lung function the way average cigarette smoking could.
According to an article in the LA Weekly, Tashkin didn’t recommend smoking pot, but admitted that those that do use it are at a very low risk of developing lung issues from it. Tashkin explained, “The smoke content of marijuana is very similar to that of tobacco. There is a higher concentrate of cancer-causing chemicals in marijuana tar, and it reaches the lungs before any other organ, so there is this idea that they are related in causing the same health issues of the lungs.”
But, Tashkin continues, “Through my studies, we failed to find any positive association.” Instead, “the association would be negative, between lung cancer and the use of marijuana. The likelihood is, that despite the fact that marijuana smoke contains carcinogens, we don’t see the same heightened risks of cancers that we see in tobacco.”
The LA Weekly piece also points to Tashkin explaining the fact that smoking marijuana, unlike smoking tobacco, does not cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He believes the reasoning for it may be that “marijuana is a potent anti-inflammatory and suppressive, but COPD is activated by tobacco smoke and other toxic substances. The other major impact of tobacco smoking on the lungs is the association between smoking tobacco and the development of destructive pulmonary disease, the third cause of death in America.”


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