letting the plant die (a little)

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Sep 29, 2005
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hi. i have two plants going on a 24/0 cycle, and my roomate said that when on a 24/0 cycle, you should only water the plant twice a week. i say they should be water'd at least three, maby four. he claims that if you let the plant die a little, it makes the bud stronger. it kinda makes sence to me but i dont want to try it and kill the bud's, or worse...the plant. please help.
Watering it twice a week is ok, if your soil doesn't dry quickly. Not giving water to the plant when it's needed your not really doing any good other then harm. Plants need water to grow.
hi jack'..(not to be repeated near airports)..
bizzy is stearing you in the right direction. MJ prefers/thrives on drier conditions.
The "number of times per week" or "amount" per wateriing can't really be detemined, by anyone other than the grower. Pot size, plant size, soil properties and environment will all play into watering schedules. But a thorough soaking once a week is preferrable to several light waterings.

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