Making vape liquid easy way

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I vaped nic for many years including higher end DNA mods with temp control. IMO the big problem with pen batteries is you got no idea what ohms the cart is and the voltage sag is horrible.

Best way to run any "vape device" is with a mod (battery) that goes down to atleast 5 watts and down to atleast 2.7volts. Not all mods now days list volts. Vaping has been on watts and temp control for ages. Same should apply to canna vape items. If you know the ohms and can adjust in watts its simple math called Ohm's Law. Some mods even list the volts when you hit the fire button too but you cant adjust it in volts.

Perfect example is the Geek Vape Ageis <sp>. It maxes out way more than you will ever need to vape any oil with any "tank" im aware of. IIRC it goes down to 5watts and supports all the temp control options if you use the right coils.

To top it off its fairly water and dust resistant too. You can pick them up all over for $50ish or less for just the mod.
U didn’t say how it tasted…? Regardless it seems to work for you 😃 that’s great…
I’m not a big fan off VG PG etc etc and other emulsifiers
So I go the long way…for a pure cannabinoid oil As long as I use a
C cell type cartridge & 3.7 v pin setting.

This article got me to where I am today & couldn’t be happier, It’s like the 1970s with good Hash Oil all over again—
Great Article:
June 28, 2017
Google it !

Here’s what I do, yes it’s long, but very simple once you do it once or twice !
Taste is outstanding and no decarb necessary.
My pure oil technique:

—Homemade (licensed MO Medical Cultivator)

I usually use about 12 to 14 ounces Generic Everclear 190proof to 1 ounce lightly ground very dry herb (low moisture content)… 25 minute mix soak time, after the Herb & Generic Everclear we’re 1st sub-cooled both in separate mason jars which were cooled to
-50/-60f range in a sealed cooler with Dry-ice on a screen placed above herb & generic Everclear jars (dry ice gas evaporates downward as it is heavier than air, minus 115f temp over mason filled jars.)

Why so cold—““”You might say that the fats and waxes are slowed to an extraction crawl, but the Cannabinoid oils will extract at a fast past walk vs crawl— basically you’re just freezing everything out you don’t want !!!””

(extremely important to keep -50f or Minimum of -40f until “1st filtering”completed)””,

Of course alcohol and herb are in separate Mason jars at this point cooling down.… Once The alcohol and herb are sub cooled & combined (mixed in 1 jar) gentle stir 3 or 4 times during 25 minute soak, & shut cooler lid fast to keep mixture sub cooled…VERY IMPORTANT.
Note: Place alcohol and herb in the freezer for a night before doing the sub cooling.

((4 Ozs of herb Max per run for me, Grind herbs using kitchen “glass peanut hand grinder”— comes out about twice the size of joint material or what ever u have to grind, I would not use a herb grinder, Personally I think it grinds it too small.

—1st Filtering: After soaking herb/alcohol 25 min …filter the alcohol extraction off “very fast” while still sub-chilled cold using 75um filter. (I use ice Hash bubble bags, they separate alcohol oil wash
“VERY” fast or use silkscreen material (Readily available),

filter into glass Pyrex bowl/dish. I find these Pyrex dishes used at Goodwill or Savors.

—2nd filtering into another Pyrex dish use a 25um filter (use the 25 µm bubble bag or a brown coffee filter which is also 25 µm, this removes the remaining sediment), Obviously the first filtering is the “most important” (remember the whole purpose of the super low freezing temperature is to isolate all of the “”fats, waxes chlorophyll, & other undesirables”
that you “DO NOT want in your Vape oil”)…
Now if done correctly, you have a Golden liquid…
Evaporate Golden tincture in Pyrex dish using controlled temp hot plate or electric skillet & add several drops water helps keep the oil from over heating (Or let it evaporate naturally in the sun covered with cheese cloth, and no you will not degrade THC In a short period) I like to keep skillet temperature under 160f this keeps the alcohol usually under 140f… I preserve many Terps, but I am not a Terp hunter !!!

“”MUST Have a Fan”” on & blowing over dish if utilizing heat, NO NO NO open flames… keep well ventilated
fan fan fan…Or again let it evaporate naturally and finish it off on a coffee pot warmer or alternative.
When the alcohol mixture has reduced to a couple of ounces, pour it into a very small glass thick jar that you plan on storing the oil in. (Like a used Penzi spice jar I love these little easy to access jars)…

(you will also use this jar to remove all of the remaining alcohol and whatever water is in it, I do this by putting it on the hot plate of my coffee machine or a skillet keep temperature under 160°, this is the “longest”process step because you occasionally stir the oil with a toothpick to see if there’s …“any any any”micro bubbles, if so you are “not done”… can’t stress this enough…!

Have patience, because you are not done until those micro bubbles are gone and I mean micro !

(for those of you that want to argue,
food grade alcohol & water pickup is 100% evaporated @ this point).

Fill a nice C Cell cartridge and have fun
with your adjustable Vape pen set at 3.7 V…(( I Sometimes use a small amount of PG/PEG 1Gr To 5Gr ratio as a thinner, but not very often, when the oil is pure like this free of undesirables you really don’t need it… and yes occasionally I will add some passionfruit Terps))

I have found everything needed to do this, went to a neighboring state to get the Everclear, sorry for all the questions, but I do have a few more. Do you squeeze the material to get every drop out? When I strain my cannaoil with cheesecloth I try to wring it out really well to get all the oil I can out. Is that necessary when filtering sub cooled? If you had to guess, how long does each of the filterings take? Is it visually obvious when done?
Hi guys I've been experimenting with making vape e-liquid. I don't have a press so this is the way in which I did it.

I got cures flower around 8 grams or so then baked them at 240 degrees (my oven fluctuates +/- 10-15 degrees). Decarb temp is around 248 for THC. Anyways I did this for around 40 minutes (probably can get away with less as they smelt a little burnt like popcorn) so next time I'll do 25 minutes.

I then did a very coarse pull apart with my fingers and placed them into a small jar and had just enough pg and vg in equal parts for which I then sous vided the jar at 180 degrees for 1 hour. I strained with cheese cloth and noted that it smelled like burn popcorn (over toasted the flower). I added some terps and loaded it into my vape pen which costs $35.

What is pg and vg

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