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Jan 28, 2006
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Basically, I was just wondering what the deal is between male and female plants.. Like can u smoke males or what and what's the difference and stuff?
Quick and simple definition. Females bud males dont. Males produce seeds, and you dont want them around unless your planning to pollenate a female. Sorry for not going into detail but Im alittle hung over:eek: . For a more detailed explaination check out the newbie section under indoor growing:D
males will have little balls and female will have tiny hairs .ps you can smoke males if desperate. but it wont be as strong also may give you head ache . as far as that goes you can even smoke the leaves .
true hick, sorry about the mix up on that CG like I said I was alittle fucked up that day:eek:. It was the wine I say...the wine:D
heee hee lady K, I have been known to have a glass of "Blue Nun" with ma' dinner..:D

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